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How to easily sell more Weddings, Rooms and Dinning Offers for your HOTEL on Facebook without having to hire an expensive PR Agency to do it for you!
Hey there, my name is Peter and I have worked with 87 Businesses taking their Facebook Marketing to the next level. I have generated 100's of Wedding, Accommodation, Conference and Dining SALES for Ireland's top hotels. Now I want to show you how you can do it for your hotel using just Facebook, a laptop and smartphone.
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Module 1
Why you should just focus on Facebook.

Why focus on video.

How much to spend on Facebook adverts.

How to measure your success.

The Power of Smartphone Videos with local people.

Module 2
Perfect Hotel Guest Targeting
How to target your perfect hotel customers on Facebook including:

Brides to be.
Grooms to be.
People with upcoming Birthdays.
Business Owners.
Module 3
Content Creation
How create amazing videos using just your smartphone including:

Competitions Videos

Food Videos

Drinks Videos,

Wedding highlight Videos.

Staff Videos.

Module 4
How to increase your hotel wedding bookings!
How to get more local Wedding Appointment and Show-around Requests.

How to get brides and grooms to register for your Hotel Bridal Showcases.

How to get international Bride and Grooms to book in for Skype Consultations. 

Module 5
How to increase your Accommodation Bookings!
How to sell last minute rooms without devaluing your brand.

Sell romantic packages to engaged couples

Sell family packages to mums and dads.

Sell SECRET birthday offers to people with upcoming birthday.

Sell Mothers & Fathers Day Packages.

Sell more Hen & Stag do packages..

Module 6
How to sell more covers in your hotel restaurants!

How to get more lunch time bookings

How to get more mid week bookings.

Sell more family family dining experiences.

Sell SECRET birthday offers to people with upcoming birthday.

Sell Mothers & Fathers Day dining experiences.

Sell more Hen & Stag do dining experiences.

Generate more awareness about your Entertainment & LIVE music offerings by utilising Facebook LIVE..
Module 7
Increase Conference & B2B Leads
How to leverage Facebook competitions to build your business email database. 

How to sell Christmas Party Night Bookings to local business.

How to create highlight videos of conferences at your hotel that you can gift to your clients as part of your packages.

Module 8
Using Facebook Competitions to explode your Hotel's email database

How to use competitions to grow your hotel email database at the same time.

How to use Mailchimp to run your email marketing in-house.

How to use Wufoo to increase call back requests from potential guests.
Bonus Modules!
Customer Service & Time Saving Techniques

How to handle a Customer Complaint on your Hotel's Facebook Page.

How to reduce the time checking your  Facebook Inbox and increase your response rate on Facebook.

How to set up personalised template. replies to your most commonly asked inbox questions.
You should invest in this course if:
  • You are not yet getting enough wedding appointments every week from Facebook. 
  • You are not selling enough rooms from Facebook.
  • You are not generating over £100,000 in revenue per year via Facebook.
  • You cannot afford to hire a videographer for every Facebook Post.
  • You feel your Facebook marketing is just ticking a box within your overall marketing plan.
  • You are overpaying a PR agency to run your Facebook Marketing when you know you could do it better yourself!
Stop spending money on traditional advertising and shift it to Facebook! It is easy. I will show you how. The only equipment you need is a Smartphone and a Laptop or Desktop PC.
 I also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you execute all the adverts and do not make more revenue than you spent on the price of this course.
1. 1 Year Membership Access
Registering for the LIKE MY HOTEL Facebook Course will not only give you access to all 8 modules sessions with video tutorials and written PDFs, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free. Including...
2. Real world examples and Facebook Updates
Registering for the LIKE MY HOTEL Facebook Course will not only give you access to some of the best examples of Facebook Adverts within the industry. We will also keep you updated on any changed of Facebook algorithm. 
3. Free Hospitality Customer Service & Modules!
Social Media Marketing can feel like a 24/7 job. Registering for the LIKE MY HOTEL Facebook Course will get you bonus access to our Customer Service on Facebook. This will show you how to handle negative Facebook Reviews and comments. We will also show you some amazing time saving techniques and tools.
4. 25+ Step by Step Video Tutorials specific to the Hotel industry including recommended budget spend!
LIKE MY HOTEL founder Peter McNicholl has been working within the Hotel industry for 16 years and within Hotel Social Media Marketing for 6 years. You are going to get specific lessons, budgets and directions to your in increase revenue via Facebook for your Hotel.
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One Year Access
  • One Year Access to Online Classroom
  • 9 Modules specific to selling Weddings, Accommodation, Conferences and Dining Offers.
  • 25+ Step by Step Video Tutorials 
  • Email Marketing Tutorials
  • Bonus #1: Social Media Customer Service and Crisis Management Module
  • Bonus #2: Social Media Time Saver Tutorial
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